It’s not hard to get people excited for a Walking Dead game. AMC’s television show, based on Robert Kirkman’s successful comic book series, rocketed the property into the limelight. Now Telltale hopes its upcoming adventure game can flesh out the world of the comics in ways the show couldn’t.

Telltale’s adventure game won’t be a retelling of Rick Grimes comic adventure. Instead Telltale has gotten approval from Image comics to expand the series existing fiction. While some of the comic’s side characters likely won’t make an appearance, the main focus on the game will be a man named Lee, a convicted criminal whose escort vehicle is attacked during the zombie outbreak. The zombie apocalypse may have freed Lee from a life in prison, but given the state of the world, he might have been better behind bars.

During the chaos, Lee befriends a young girl named Clementine. Having both lost their families, the two form a pact, hoping help each other survive in this post-apocalyptic world. While this isn’t a remake of the comic series, fans can expect to get more backstory for characters from the comic, like Glenn, and see places like Hershel Greene’s farm before the events that changed them in the comics.

Telltale wouldn’t tell us much about the game’s mechanics, but it did tease that the game would play differently from many of the rest of the titles it publishes. Just as Telltale’s upcoming Jurassic Park game is finding new ways to frame adventure game mechanics, The Walking Dead will likely feature gameplay that is different from the usual adventure fare. Telltale is planning to release the first episode of The Walking Dead on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and iPad sometime next winter. Expect to hear more about this exciting project during San Diego Comic Con.