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  • Blog Post: Ep. 4 brings hard choices, dark story, and a unbearable wait for the finale

    As I waited for episode 4 to come out, I just kept on thinking about all the choices I've made the previous 3 episodes, and whats to come in the finale. After ep.4, it's to hard to wait another 2 months. Ep. 4 is another great entry that brings hard choices, dark story, and a unbearable amout... More
  • Blog Post: The Walking Dead Episode 4 Review: For Whom the Bell Tolls...

    Note: Like my previous review, this review will be SPOILER FREE. Telltale's first season of The Walking Dead: The Game is heading to a close, and while this episode didn't pack in as many shocking twists and turns throughout like the last episode, it sure didn't hold back on the crazy moments... More
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