As I waited for episode 4 to come out, I just kept on thinking about all the choices I've made the previous 3 episodes, and whats to come in the finale. After ep.4,  it's to hard to wait another 2 months. Ep. 4 is another great entry that brings hard choices, dark story, and a unbearable amout of excitement for episode 5.

    Graphics are good. I'm staring to really like how everything look in this game. Story is great. Seems darker this time with the hard choices, and the the intensity of the gameplay. Gameplay was pretty fun. It's still the same 2-3 hour gameplay, but still quite fun. I think it's getting better. Still has a way to go, but it's dueable for now. Only problems with this episode was the constant pause after something happened. Like just as you start to do something after a cutscene, it'll freeze for a while(like a minute or so). For me, it's worth going through, and see how my player driven story will turn out in the end.

    Overall, around every corner a great 4th chapter that leaves to the conclusion to the 1st season.  I would say that this is the best, but with the more constant pausing I mention, I think this episode will have to take 2nd. Still, I would give Walking dead Ep.4: Around every corner a

9.25 out of 10