Man has telltale prove me wrong. I was skeptical seeing them make the game because I didn't think they had it in them to make a good Walking dead game. Well they didn't make a good game, but a great game, and the finale proves it. Great job Telltale.

 Graphics are great. I'm really started to liking them. Sure they're comic book like, but once you go through, you wouldn't want it any other way. Score was great. Intense as it goes through. The controls are still all right. The greatest thing here is the story. It's intense to the end. Sure, in a way the ending is kind of unchangeable (I won't ruin it for people), but to see what was happen.  Only words I said was WOW. Finally, I really liked what Telltale did with the stats. It was pretty cool to look back at all the decisions I'd made through out the game.


 Overall, telltale ended season one with greatness ( and cliffhanger), to proving me wrong. After beating it, I dropped my PS3 controller, and put my hands around my head relizing what had just happened.  Bravo to you Telltale. Bravos to you. That's why I would give The Walking dead: Episode 5 No time left a


9.75 out of 10