Here we are. A mere eight months later to find ourselves in the climax of this reality we've invested so much of our hearts, and time into. If there is one word I can use to describe The Walking Dead Episode 5: No Time Left is: Perfect. (Now I'm going to mention some of the features from other episodes i.e ways gun play is handled etc.) We all remember the weird Metal Gear Solid esque shooting sequences from episode 4. That mechanic was one of the few things that detracted from that episode for me. It made us feel in control, which in a situation like that, you really wouldn't be. Good thing they have gotten rid of it in time for Episode 5 which makes up for any faults of the previous episodes. Not only is this episode amazing, but some of the tracks used to add to amazing sequences, ripens those moments to such a juicy perfection only telltale can master. The way they make such simple action scenes that are probably the greatest of the year, is because they are far and few between. Like in one moment you have to kill a select few of zombies accompanied by some rock music in resemblance to the track in Undead Nightmare. That moment was as beautiful and worthy as the final battle of Return of the King. The kind where you want to just charge in battle. swag.