Choice, it was a big part of season on of Telltale's, The Walking Dead and 400 days is no different.   400 days basically serves as a bridge between season one and the upcoming season two of The Walking Dead.  400 days tells the story of five survivors across 400 days. Day one being the beginning of the infection. 

All of the five survivors differs from one another and are all interesting.  The events they get into differ and are also equally interesting.  This is all brought out by solid voice acting and fantastic music.  If I were to say one bad thing is that some of the side characters are generic and predictable.   Some though are very intriguing.  The whole episode is around two hours and ends very nicely.

The games point and click gameplay works well and smooth.  The conversations still work like before but in this episode the timer felt faster, making me more on edge.   Also, there is very much a lack of puzzles in this one but the puzzles weren't the meat of the past season anyway.  The cell shaded visuals look great but sometimes far away things looked a little weird.

In the end this episode is great and a must buy if you loved season one.   This gets me very excited for what Telltale has in store for us in the next season of this amazing emotional series.