Finished the Walking Dead: 400 Days a few days ago. Thought that I would post my thought of it here.

        The game has some very tense moments and some rather hard choices in typical TWD fashion. Do you do the morally correct action that could put your group in danger or do throw away your morals to protect your group by doing a action that, in today's standard, would be considered a crime. In the undead apocalypse anything goes. There are no perfect solutions. No matter what you cannot keep everyone happy nor even alive.

             400 Days only lasts about 70 minutes with 5 different playable characters. Each character play-through lasts only about 15-25 minutes. This is simply an introduction to characters that should be in Season 2. There isn't as much of an emotional connection with the characters because you barely know them. However with that said, I got the basic idea of each characters personality. For instance, Bonnie is the kind trusting type, Becca is a freaking psycho that I don't trust as far as I can spit in a gale of wind, Russel's a bit of a wimp, and so on and so on.

        It also adds a few new game play twists that work very well. The only real nitpick I have for the game is that the controls can get a bit wonky(especially in action scenes) and the ending just does not make sense.

400 Days feels like an experiment on TellTale's part. A mostly successful one. All in all, The Walking Dead: 400 Days is another foray into the stark and grim universe that TWD fans know and love. 400 Days mixes up the typical Walking Dead formula and gives more of what fans love. After finishing 400 Days I cannot wait to see what TellTale has up there sleeve for season 2. In many ways it has made the wait for season 2 more difficult.