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The Splatters

Get Messy: Microsoft Publishing The Spatters For XBLA In 2012

SpikySnail's destructive indie sensation is coming to Xbox Live Arcade, and will be playable at PAX Prime in Seattle at the end of the month.

The Splatters has all the makings of an odd ball indie hit -- combining bits of games like Pain, Angry Birds, and LocoRoco into an intriguing mix of adorably violent gameplay. The game was actually a IGF Indie Game Challenge nominee under the name "Confetti Carnival" and got the attention of Microsoft Game Studios, which will be publishing the game sometime in 2012.

It's a classic simple-yet-complex scenario -- you aim your Splatters at Confetti Bombs, which then ignite and explode in various ways. It's easy to draw a comparison to Angry Birds in the way it relies on simple "flinging" gameplay and cute destruction, but there's a strong enough sense of identity to give this game a feel all its own.

If you're attending PAX Prime in Seattle from August 26-28, you can check out a special demo in the PAX10 Conquerors area of the show in booth 6301.

If you're not so lucky, console yourself with this new trailer.

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  • I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes on of the Xbox Live Summer of Arcade for 2012 or for another Microsoft promotion thing.

  • wow

  • The first thing that springs to mind as I watch this is Burnout Crash Mode. The fascination with slow-mo destruction, or in this case just... disarray? The effect seems to be very lacking however... this is supposed to be highlight reel footage and it's all very "meh" :/

  • Awesome. Thats all i have to say.

  • I'm so confused, but so intrigued!! looking forward to it :)

  • This looks like something I'd make in LBP 2. Well, I guess that's a sign. OFF TO THE PS3!

  • I don't get it.

  • No princess to save and no zombies to slay?! No thanks!

    There was so much meaningless explosions and high scores in that trailer that completely went over my head... Like they're showing off big scores and I'm not even aware if they're hard to achieve or not...

  • "adorably violent gameplay" - I have no idea how to interpret such a statement..."awww, look at that cute kitty cat bite the head off that little mousey". Just doesn't work for me.