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Sims 3 review

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  • Sims 3 is a great game. From the beautiful landscapes, to the extremely in-depth life experiance, this is not a game to be missed out on. That being said, it has quite a few flaws. Those of you with computers from 3 years ago or further back, don't even think about buying this game. If by a miracle your computer has the requirements to run this game, good for you. Just make sure you have extreme patience, and your graphics are turned to low. Those of you with a computer from late 2007, 2008, and 2009. Have fun. This game will run on almost all recent computers. Now moving on to gameplay. For sims veterens, build and buy mode shouldn't be a problem. But for new gamers hoping for a bit more relaxed gameplay, read a few internet guides before you attempt this game. As for sound, the sims gibberish words are amusing for a bit, but grow tiring and annoying after a few weeks. I play with the sound turned off. The trait system is really cool, but in the future i hope to see a negative and positive trait catogory. For example, those people that aren't 11 year old kids trying to make their sims do inaproprite things, probably choose the following traits.

    - Athletic



    -Good sense of humor

    -Virtuso (or however you spell that)

    Those trying to have fun choose traits like, kleptomaniac, evil, mean-spirted, and inaproprite. The trait system is set up so you can make your sim perfect, of completely evil.  There is an inbetween, but that just wouldn't be fun.

    Bottom line: If you've played any games in the sims franchise before, this game is a no-brainer. Yes buy it. If you've never played any sims games before, think long and hard about purchasing it.





  • I just got a new PC and the first thing that i thought was to get this game. My PC is an Asus G73 (its a gaming laptop) im pretty sure it will run this game but the only problem is the money i need to start saving :(

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