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  • Blog Post: A Wonderful Game

    This is simply amazing. It appeals to all sorts of people: "Murderers" -- you can kill your Sim in dozens of ways, but that isn't the good part. Architects -- You can design and build your Sim's house and see how they like it. Romancey-people -- Yes, there's romance in the game... More
  • Blog Post: A creative and fun game for all ages.

    After playing this game since 2009, I've realized that there is so much to do. Literally anything can happen, and that is exactly what I like about a Sims title. its not the ability to torture your sims until they break, it's not the ability to kill sims off like flies. No. It's about making... More
  • Blog Post: The Sims 3 User Review

    This is the first Sims game I have ever played, and yes, I know I was missing out on alot. When I play a game like this, I never play it to rack up achievements. In fact, I play it just to live a life! I like to decorate my million Simoleon dollar house, get fancy cars, get married, raise a family, have... More
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