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  • Blog Post: A creative and fun game for all ages.

    After playing this game since 2009, I've realized that there is so much to do. Literally anything can happen, and that is exactly what I like about a Sims title. its not the ability to torture your sims until they break, it's not the ability to kill sims off like flies. No. It's about making... More
  • Blog Post: The Sims 3

    Since I was little, my sister would play The Sims and I would watch her do it. When she got tired of it, she gave her games to me so I could play at home. I was so amazed by these games and loved making families so much. I got very addicted in a short amount of time. When The Sims 2 came out I was very... More
  • Blog Post: The Sims 3 Review

    Bottomline: The Sims 3 is by far the best in the series. That being said, some of the same performance issues remain that did 9 years ago when the series debued. The immense customization options and more realistic situations will still leave you in shock and awe. Since The Sims came out in the year... More
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