The Sims 3 has been the most anticipated game I have been waiting for! I bought mine like 2 or 3 weeks ago and am insanely addicted to it! I love how you get to create designs on your clothes and make the color of anything including household items and your Sim's looks from head to toe! Absolutely FANTASTIC! The only thing that makes it a challenge is making your sims needs improved at the right time and also making them happy (which is easy for me) and being able to see friends they meet! The downside that I don't like is how the wishes are pretty much popping up randomly and then you have to do your absolute best to get get one wish fufilled to be able to have room to put the next task in. Not to mention getting to bed on time, eating at the right time, etc. The creators of The Sims games sure went up a notch to see just how well fans of the sims 3 can handle these new things you can do and how to solve the problem right then and there. Its almost like reality!