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Making Memories

Got a boring life? Join the party and start filling it with memorable moments through The Sims 3 Generations. This expansion pack walks you through life and lets you spice it up.

Generations comes out this spring, and gives you all kinds of activities centered around various life stages. Hang out in a treehouse as a kid, pull pranks as a teenager, or even go through a mid-life crisis as an adult. You can also chronicle and share the game's events via a upload system to Facebook.

Take a look at the trailer below.

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  • i never really got into the sims but i can see how ppl would like this

  • Doesn't matter what they add. All I will ever do is place all of the different sims in rooms with no doors and deleting the bathrooms when they need them.
  • This seems like it'll add a more sentimental element to the Sims.

  • It's about time they added these things to the Sims 3, actually.

    I need to catch up on the earlier expansion packs, but definitely keeping this one on my radar.

  • I wish they would bring back Sims Seasons in Sims 3. That was one of the best expansion packs. Having your Sim die in the snow priceless.

  • Please remember to enjoy The Sims responsibly.

  • I like this expansion. I'm just surprised they haven't brought pets back yet.

  • awwww... [cosby voice]

    isn't that splendiferous, with the hugging and the kindness and the puddin'.

  • I see how they keep a Sim busy!

  • I can say I've never played the Sims but I always wanted to. Can anyone recommend the Sims 3DS?

  • I can say I've never played the Sims but I always wanted to. Can anyone recommend the Sims 3DS?

  • wow... i need to get this game, hahahah. a real life sim hahaha

  • I would rather cause shennanigens in real life thanks

  • Can't wait to add imaginary friends to my family! Also, strollers and bunk beds! w00t.