If you're like me, you remember the good old days when arcades were the rage and you'd see people line up at the Street Fighter II machine for hours, watching the best player be able to stay against all comers.

(Or in reality, you would be me playing co-op games like Xmen and The Simpsons).

While this game captures the essence of the episode and is ripe with Simpson's humor, it is all over way, way too soon by today's video game standards, you can complete a game of this in about 45 minutes or so, and there is little reason to go back unless you're a trophy hunter.

Where this game would excel is if you had 3 friends and were having a party.  Or had a spouse, etc. that wasn't very good at games but could play this one (since the controls are straightforward).  

Much like Final Fight and Xmen, The Simpsons is good for a trip down memory lane but little more than that, and at a steep $10 price tag, there are better PSN classics and/or PSI games in general that are worth your money more than The Simpsons Arcade Game is.

It's sad that as long running as The Simpsons cartoon is now, a good Simpsons GAME has never been released.