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The Showdown Effect

Showdown Effect Trailer Proves Slow Motion Makes Everything Classy

You'd be forgiven for thinking that a game that wears its '80s action-movie inspirations on its sleeve isn't what snobs would call cultured. A new trailer for the Showdown Effect proves the naysayers wrong, also showing that everything looks classy in slow motion.

Paradox Interactive is bringing Arrowhead Games Studios' over-the-top shooter The Showdown Effect to PCs next week. It's a 2D shooter filled with ridiculous action and nonstop quips from a cast of familiar characters.

Here's a more accurate portrayal of what the game looks like. As always, you're free to play your own waltz music at home. It's a free country.

Visit the game's official site for more information.

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  • Killed by BIGHAIRY... I'm hesitant to ask, Big Hairy what?
  • 2D multiplayer sidescrolling shooter?  I am interested.

  • It's so classy I raised my pinkie finger when I clicked play.

  • Looks interseting!

  • @Jeff Cork

    Idea for another subtitle to this article:

    "Showdown Effect shows its slowdown effect"

  • Hmm... Well, that looks interesting.