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  • Blog Post: Funcom Wants You To Develop Your Own Way In The Secret World

    The "RP" portion of MMORPG can be one of the most satisfying elements of the genre when players click with their onscreen counterparts. It's not uncommon for players to regret early decisions that they may have made regarding their character's class or ability selection, however. Funcom... More
  • Blog Post: World Domination

    A battle rages among three secret societies vying for world domination beneath the surface of our everyday lives. Check out this developer diary for Funcom's The Secret World and peel back the onion layers of this global conspiracy. The Illuminati, the Dragon, and Templars, fight it out across the... More
  • Blog Post: MMO Meets Survival Horror In The Secret World

    I've been intrigued by Funcom's myth- and conspiracy-driven MMO, The Secret World, since I first heard about it, if only because I'd love to see a great MMO that's not based in full-on fantasy or science fiction. Today at Gamescom I got to witness a demo of one of the game's darker... More
  • Blog Post: Unraveling The Mysteries Of A Haunted Island In The Secret World Demo

    Funcom, the team behind Age of Conan, is looking to break away from traditional MMO conventions for its upcoming project, The Secret World. The ambitious title is set in modern times and puts players in a world where all fantastic myths and legends come true, whether it’s the existence of vampires... More
  • Blog Post: Trailer And Screens Show Off Funcom's The Secret World MMO

    EA Partners is teaming up with Age of Conan developer Funcom to deliver a new breed of MMO. The game world is steeped in a world of myths and conspiracy, where vampires, zombies, and werewolves are commonplace. A spokesperson for Funcom said The Secret World is "...a game that asks a simple question... More
  • Blog Post: GDC 2011 Trailer Illustrates Explosive Action, Unique Settings

    Funcom has released an extensive new video for its long talked-about MMORPG, The Secret World. The trailer showcases the game's striking environments and enemies over various developers from the team talking a big game about its freeform progression. This video, while impressive, leaves me with the... More
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