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The Secret World

Funcom Wants You To Develop Your Own Way In The Secret World

The "RP" portion of MMORPG can be one of the most satisfying elements of the genre when players click with their onscreen counterparts. It's not uncommon for players to regret early decisions that they may have made regarding their character's class or ability selection, however. Funcom isn't locking players into major decisions when it comes to character development in its upcoming supernatural MMORPG the Secret World, as you can see in this new freeform progression video.

Lead designer Martin Bruusgaard and lead content designer Joel Bylos explain how the Secret World's freeform progression works. Players will have access to more than 500 abilities, and they can pick and choose between them at any time. To keep things manageable, players can only have even active and seven passive abilities engaged at once. If you don't feel like micromanaging your character to that degree, you can also choose from a variety of premade templates including bodyguards, witch doctors, and gunslingers.

Look for the game on June PC starting June 19.

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  • Urgh, this is too hard. I've barely found time to get into SWTOR, even if I want to and then Guild Wars 2 and the Secret World are on the horizon. YOU ARE TEARING ME APART, GAMING GODS!!
  • Did they mean "eleven active"?
  • Looking pretty good, I feel this has good potential. However, with the MMO market being as saturated as it is, it will be pretty hard to make a stand against the titans out there. Especially if they plan on moving towards a monthly subscription. Or be like GW, charge them once and then it's free.
  • This looks very original and fun. I wish I liked MMOs though
  • You know The Secret World looks definitively last gen, but I think it actually might be working for them. Instead of focusing all this attention to pretty graphics it sounds like they have a cool system in place to make MMOing even better. Also, I have to say I'm really curious to see how the story aspect of the game is going to play out. I mean at the end of the day if Secret World has a great story and great game play I think it becomes a must buy for me.
  • Looks okay...animations look kind of stiff. Also, I wish someone would make an action MMO instead of just clicking those action icons to attack. I want an MMO that plays like an action RPG. This is why I don't play them. Tried out WOW and hated the way it played....and it looks to me like all MMORPGs play this way.
  • I'm not a huge fan of MMORPGs but The Secret World looks pretty sweet. If I had a decent PC I would try out the beta for the game.

  • is allllll about Diablo for me.....
  • I gotta say, I was excited about this game ever since the first mentioning of it. But after seeing the latest trailer from GDC that showed the combat? I am now a sad panda. The combat looks cookie cutter to every other MMO on the market past and present.

    I was at least expecting something like combat from Fallen Earth where you had to aim at your target in more of a FPS fashion. Instead I see this auto targeting hotkey ***.

    Basically, I'm guessing its the same combat system as Anarchy Online. And I am so ready to move on from that type of antiquated system.

    IF you want more references to the type of combat in MMO's that I'm referencing to if you haven't played Fallen Earth, I think Neocron, Face of Mankind and Tabula Rasa (ish) are good examples of combat systems that were good in theory. The implementation on the otherhand...

  • Guys, sorry to put a damper on. You know that when this kind of statement is made, that means 2-3 builds will eventually come out on top as the "optimal" builds. So though it sounds like it's awesome and giving you lots of choice, it'll come down to whether you pick something tried and true or submit as a watered down character.
  • What the heck

  • Meh.

  • any one know how much the game will cost/how much the subscription fee will be (if it has one)

  • This looks to be one of the greatest MMORPG's to date!

  • What if I don't want to?

  • This game is actually coming out now?

  • i came to this with high hopes.... then i was suddenly bored like 30 seconds in..

  • Nah, ill stick with wow. or guild wars. or diablo 3. anything else really.

  • This MMO looks really good, but unfortunately I'll be playing Guild Wars 2 this year. Maybe some other time Secret World. :/

  • Interesting.
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