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  • If you're not careful The Saboteur will sabotage your Now Playing list.

    Like its title this game has brought down every other game I was playing before I even realized it. First, the obvious; The Saboteur is one sexy game. From its Sin City-like use of black-and-white to the cabaret girls that put GTA IV to shame this game... More
  • The Saboteur: The Nazi Griefer

    Video games set during the World War II era aren't hard to find. Franchises like Medal of Honor and Call of Duty helped popularize the genre a few generations ago but gamers have since grown tired of the same scenarios. Sure, WW II was massive and... More
  • Better than GTA

    People like to say this game is a GTA clone but I disagree. I personally hate GTA. This game has a great story, good music, and did a great job of blending the various elements it draws from. It has a very interesting style with the black and white nazi... More
  • Not much to complain about

    This game borrows gameplay mechanics from GTA4 and Assassin's Creed and blends them with a story set in WWII France. The graphics are good, the controls are solid but could use a few tweaks here and there, the story is your typical "You killed... More
  • Saboteur

    Pandemic tried to go out with a bang when they made The Saboteur. Does The Saboteur make a beautiful explosion or does the TNT blow up in its face? Gameplay The Saboteur is an open world game. The world is full of NPCs walking the streets and driving... More
  • Distruction, chaos, revenge and a whole lot more-The Saboteur

    The Saboteur game is great if you like an open free world game and enjoy shooting up nazi's and distroying almost any thing in your path. As always there is a twist although it seems a free open world to roam there are road blocks that you must watch... More
  • An enjoyable-enough fresh take on a conflict gamers have seen a thousand times

    I'll certainly say this...The Saboteur gets the job done. For once, we have a WWII game that doesn't just involve "I'm in ur G3rmany, killin ur doodz". Striking visuals, a good-enough revenge plot and one heck of an awesome soundtrack... More
  • A war of Sex and lots of FUN

    A great game with memorable characters good combat a good sound track controls are easy and good (besides the 1 button climing system can get boring)i simply great free roaming game with a stylish character,the envirement is a rich paris city full of... More
  • The Saboteur: by Joedy Payne

    Not your typical WW2 style game or story, in fact it's a brilliant story very unique. the coloring style is like nothing I have every seen in areas where the Nazi's have control over it's all black and white mixed with color here and there... More
  • A New Take on World War II

    The Saboteur is a different type of World War II game and this is the best World War II game to date. You play as Sean Devlin an Irish mechanic who is pushed out of his country life after is dear friend is brutally murdered by a nazi general. Your job... More
  • Operation: Liberate Paris

    Ahhh... Paris, the City of Love: home to beautiful women, eye popping city sightings, cafés at every corner, and... Nazis? Pandemic Studios has turned this once beautiful city into a living, breathing nazi deathtrap waiting for overconfident Parisians... More
  • Saboteur [Xbox 360]

    [This poster has nothing to do with the game, just liked this poster. Thought it was cool.] This game reminded me a bit like GTA, just when it comes to the gameplay, but all in all i actually really liked this game. It was addicting no lie. If you enjoy... More
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