This game borrows gameplay mechanics from GTA4 and Assassin's Creed and blends them with a story set in WWII France. The graphics are good, the controls are solid but could use a few tweaks here and there, the story is your typical "You killed my (Insert loved one here) and I am gonna get you" revenge story but the gameplay is solid and keeps you entertained enough that the story being sub-par is of little concern. Also, the voice acting is fairly well scripted and performed and the game does not leave you wanting in the "Create mayhem for your enemies" section. You can destroy all sorts of Nazi fortifications within and around occupied Paris at your leisure and you are compensated financially for your efforts by the French Resistance. Overall I found this to be a rewarding experience and a breath of fresh air from your typical sandbox game that forces you down a narrow path to follow the story leaves little to do on your own. At any time you can go off on your own and create havoc amongst the German Garrison in the city instead of being kept on a strict story path. You can go back to the story after having destroyed most of the German fortifications in the city, which would actually make your enemy resistance much weaker, and make the later parts of the game much easier on you. Overall I can find little bad to say about this game and would say that if you like free-roam games and want something besides your typical repetitive shooter,  then this would be a solid choice.