A great game with memorable characters good combat a good sound track controls are easy and good (besides the 1 button climing system can get boring)i simply great free roaming game with a stylish character,the envirement is a rich paris city full of life,the nazis are a great enemy since every one hates them so it doesnt make you feel bad to run over them in the cross walk,i remeber my first personale objective in the game go see the iffiel tower simple right? think not the nazi check points at the choke points made the way a long long machine gun tower filled hell ride (lots and lots of fun) but hard i fought my way the hole way with nazi bikes on my tail half tracks using there mass to stop me crashing civillian cars blocked possible escape routes but i went on a stealing gestapo cruiser on the way with machine gun fire blazing behind me i knew there was only one way out crash my car into the river and swim to freedom and my objective the tower i lost the germans and i made it the tower was great after clearing out the emplacments they had around its base i went back to my side of town and had some car collecting time,this is a pretty good showing of what you would see if you got the game so have fun and remeber there are empty tanks out there