Not your typical WW2 style game or story, in fact it's a brilliant story very unique.  the coloring style is like nothing I have every seen in areas where the Nazi's have control over it's all black and white mixed with color here and there, on things such as tapestry, propaganda, & the tail lights of cars all have color but everything else black and white.  Once your charachter Sean the Irish brute sabotaged the Nazi's enough the people of Paris begin to uprise restoring color to that particular area.


The vehicle controls are a little clunky, I do enjoy the fact that it's not all stealth, mixed with a little parkouring, easy controls to remember.  but stealth for me is where it's at, I love that kind of gameplay, paitents is a virtue I always say.  I also enjoyed the added difficulty "Feckin' Hard" that made me laugh knowing that the character is Irish, on a similar note the quippy sarcastic lingo of our infamous hero also a wonder comedic relief with certain slang put downs.


All in all a pretty good mix of fast paced action, & slow paced stealth, with the added decent storyline this makes for a good game