I really wanted to love this game, I like the unique art style (not completely original idea of adding color to a "completed zone", but at least something outside of the norm for the genre), I like the characters, and I want Insomniac to go out on a high note.

After a few hours into it, I knew I would not love this title.  So, I just tried to like it.  On numerous occasions, I realized that the best parts of this game, I had already played, and I actually wished I was playing those games (or at least had those games' controls or graphics).  There was one scene where I was supposed to jump out of a moving vehicle before it goes off a cliff - I ejected a little too late and rolled off the cliff myself.  Not only did the game magically resurrect me, but the graphics for what was on the other side of the cliff  were circa 1997. 

There was another scene where I was supposed to sneak into a Nazi hangout and steal a precious item, but I said to heck with that and just started gunning down the Nazis who outnumbered me 10 to 1 and many were supposed to be highly trained gestapos.  Not only did I take no damage even though I never took cover, but I quickly and easily accomplished my mission by doing so.  I'm all for being a tank from time to time, but that is most definitely not the point of this game, nor even that part.

Another big issue is the driving mechanics.  The car spins like a top, not like a vehicle being pulled by the front (or in some cases pushed by the rear) tires.  For a game that features racing and driving so heavily, that is nearly inexcusable.

In all reality, it is not this game's fault, it is the simple fact that it got rushed to completion and was sent to store shelves before it was ready to be played.  Adding optional boobs via DLC does not make up for the fact that the game is, at best, mediocre.  Sure, it can look and play great at times, and the perspective on the war is unique and interesting enough for me to forgive the WWII retread.  In the end, the almighty dollar speaks the loudest, and there just wasn't enough time to polish this title to perfection and we're left knowing we could have had something special, we just don't have it.