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The Order: 1886

A Grim Alternate History Of London In The Order: 1886

One of the more intriguing upcoming PlayStation 4 games debuted last night at Sony's presser was Ready at Dawn's The Order: 1886.

The teaser trailer and screens for the game show an alternate history where stalwart forces fight against a formidable evil.

The PlayStation 4 game does not yet have a release date. We'll make sure we keep tabs on it as new info comes to light.

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  • Santa Monica! Good you made a new IP.. but you forgot God of war 4 !
  • Left for Bio thief Dishonored.

  • Excitement. Love new IP, especially on next-gen consoles.

  • Its good to see that the company behind some great PSP games is getting to make a new PS4 game.  I am interested to see what the game plays like.  I am a sucker for alternative timeline settings like the new Wolfenstein and this.

  • I'm really excited for this game, it could be pretty great. For some reason It sort of reminded me of the Van Helsing movie that came out around 2004. Maybe that's just me though. Hoping it does well.
  • Seems dark and hyper realistic within their world.

  • When I was watching this, I originally thought it was a new Resistance.. but a new IP works too...
  • Definitely looking forward to hearing more on this! Looks fantastic!

  • This looks extremely interesting. Best new IP reveal of the show in my opinion.

  • This looks pretty interesting, will have to keep up with the details on it.

  • Ready at Dawn you can do it

  • Meh.

    The Division has this game topped to be honest.

  • I thought it was weird when they all pulled out their weapons.

  • This is the one game that really got me interested in the PS4.

  • I got the feeling the enemies were werewolves. Anybody else?
  • This will definitely be one to watch. Aside from DA: Inquisition, The Order was the most interesting game I saw yesterday. New IPs are always welcome in my book—and steampunk fantasy? Even better.

    I only hope it has a good amount of RPG elements, and isn't simply a linear, hyper-actiony shooter with a fantasy veneer. Given Ready at Dawn's track record, it'll likely be pretty action-oriented, but I hope they open it up at least somewhat. Let us explore and interact with your steampunk world, guys! :)
  • Glad to see a new ip and i more glad that is a steampunk game I love the art style of this genre. Can't wait to see more about this game!

    PD: did sony show the other "11" exclusive new ips?

  • About time Santa Monica made a new IP, I think it's time to put GoW to bed in my opinion, it had a good long run. This looks excellent and is a fresh new IP from what I can tell.
  • Looks pretty cool.

  • This is so awesome looking and sounding. It might as well be Wolfenstein: The New Order 1866. ;-)

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