The main problem with the Game Informer review is JOE JUBA. He habitually reviews games with a slant towards his very subjective personal biases. Rather than remaining objective and discussing the merits and faults of the game and whether it successfully accomplishes what it sets out to do, Joe reviews it based on how much he personally liked it. For example this is a Lord of the Rings game. Nowhere in the review does Joe discuss how well the game fits in the Canon of the source material. This is a game designed and crafted for LOTR fans. It seems obvious that any review of the game should discuss the game from this perspective. All I can say in summary is. This is just another FAIL on the part of the reviewer. I am less INFORMED about the true nature of the game for having read this review. 


The game is a lot of fun. It does become repetitive towards the end, but the satisfying combat system more than makes up for that. The thing I like the most is that Snowblind leaves a lot to the imagination. Rather than just telling the story detail by detail, cut scene to cut scene, they allow the player the freedom to fill in the spaces. Much like a well written novel the framework is provided. It is up to the player in this case to take what is hinted at and flesh it out. I like this approach to adding to the LOTR material. I believe that this encourages immersion. 


The game is not perfect, it has its flaws. Overall in my opinion a true Lord of the Rings fan will find a lot to love.