Well, this is a pretty straight forward hack and slash indeed. Not anything too different other than the whole LOTR spin on it (which is why i give it a better rating as a LOTR fan).  And as a LOTR fan, im not disappointed. Why? Its a new LOTR game to play, it fills enough time between now and the release of Skyrim and it has COOPERATIVE GAMEPLAY. I mean come on, any game, played by two fans of that games background, ie movie, book, music, whatever, its going to be fun to play, no matter how bland everything in the game is. Now, the gameplay and layout isnt anything new and there isnt much i havent seen, but like i said, Skyrim is coming out soon, what better way to pass the time until then?

But its not really that bad. The aiming, i found, has been pretty good, especially using the staff, i noticed my bolts were directed into the redicules when they were red, even if it wasnt dead center on a target. The sounds of hacking and slashing arent anything new, but they dont suck. Controls are easy to handle, and, judging that you know RPGS, the use of the inventory and spells isnt too hard to learn. I do believe their should be a type of hotkey for your items, but the pre-designation of health and stamina jars isnt difficult either.

You still get screams and the soothing sound of a blade going through flesh. I, personally, like the slow-motion kills and dont tire of cutting off heads even as the mage. The game does tend to bog down sometimes, but i have been playing it co-operatively so i cant say this happens in single player. So, to me, if you like hack and slash, this isnt one to ignore, maybe rent at the very least but it sure isnt as bad as this GI blogger makes it out to be.