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The Lord of the Rings: War in the North

Lord Of The Rings Team Talks Blood And Steel

The upcoming action RPG Lord of the Rings: War in the North is a departure from past games based on the franchise in a few significant ways. First, it's based on an all-new story, told with the approval and cooperation of the Tolkien estate. Next, it fuses elements from both the books and Peter Jackson's film adaptations, including character and armor designs, as well as elements such as the music. Finally, it's rated M. After watching this new developer diary from the team at Snowblind Studios, it's clear where that rating came from.

The video, called "Blood and Steel," explains how players will be able to chain together their attacks in killstreaks, which lets players deal more damage while simultaneously accruing more experience. During battles, players can chop off the limbs and heads of their foes as well. Ruth Tomandl, the game's producers, says that the game is faithful to the brutality described in the books and shown in the movies. Zach Peterson, the game's designer, explains that if you hit an opponents' head, it's gone. Or, as he puts it, "It's a home-run hit."

Watch the clip below, and click through the gallery to see a few new screens from the game. You can also check out our earlier preview on the game here.

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  • Awesome. Action RPGs with Co-Op are my kind of games. I want more AAA title like this.

  • Finally a M rated LOTR game. I wasnt really thinking about this game until i saw that. Now im definitely going to check this out.

  • Soooo...its Dynasty Warriors: Tolkien's Revenge
  • I'm still a little skeptical. Past LOTR games have been awful. I really hope this one is good, because it looks really good, but I don't want to judge it too early.
  • Looks cool.

  • Please please please please please please PLEASE be good. LOTR deserves a good action RPG so much

  • DANG!!! Looks so freaking EPIC! The time has finally come!

  • This is the first time I'm actually excited for a LOTR game.

  • Looks great! this is on my list

  • this is looking really good.  i like the more brutal approach to combat.  similar to how Raven Software went about their Wolverine game.

  • Cool so what'd you do different?

  • this looks good to me.  alot of good things for sure.

  • Not sure about this. How about some real-time gameplay footage? You can make a lot of things look cooler in slow motion.

  • This looks really awesome if there is coop on PC where you don't have to share a screen in any way.

  • looks better and better

  • Color me impressed....Slick and viscral real-time combat combined with an original narrative from one of the greatest fantasy genres of all time is just what the video game community needs.

  • Awesome!!!!

  • Until I watched that I was not interested in this game at all. Last (and only, for that matter) LOTR game I liked was The Third Age, and even though this isn't similar at all it caught my attention. Looking forward to this one.

  • This looks much nicer than the last trailer I saw. It looks fluid and dynamic. I can't wait to see more.

  • I like the increased brutality, but I think they went a little overboard on the severed heads and limbs going everywhere.  Does EVERY attack have to knock some body part off?  Seems a bit cheesy.

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