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The Long Dark

New Screens From The Long Dark Are Dripping With Atmosphere

Indie developer Hinterland has released a handful of new screens for its survival simulation game, The Long Dark.

When we spoke with The Long Dark creator Raphael van Lierop late last year, he stated that he was surprised fans were expecting the game to be scary. Today's colorful screens help separate The Long Dark from horror-oriented survival games, and exhibit a subtle beauty in even the gloomier scenes. The Long Dark was successfully Kickstarted last October, surpassing its $200,000 (Canadian) goal with a final funding total of $256,217. Van Lierop tells us that he hopes to have the Alpha release ready in the next few months; hopefully the new screens below can tide fans over.

For more on the game, check out this early gameplay footage.

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  • Really looking forward to checking this out. The screenshots I've seen of this look really good. Love the art style.

  • This is the first I've heard of it, but this game looks really cool! I'm a big fan of the minimalist art style and I can't wait to explore this world. I'll be keeping my eye on this game as it moves forward in development.
  • Looks a lot less art style than bad graphics. Just look at those intersecting tree branches, next to the train car.
  • Yay :3

  • this game looks incredibly beautiful. i can't wait to play it.

  • Count me in. I want this.

  • this game has a very nice look. I've tried a survival game on PC before and it was so open without direction I never did quite get a foothold in the world. Have no idea how this game is going to be structured but I wouldn't mind the game giving the player some sense of direction here and there to get them started.