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The Lego Movie Videogame

A Very Authentic Lego Experience

A game based off a movie, which is based off a toy, might sound like a joke, and while Lego The Movie is funny, it’s very real.

The game version of Lego The Movie follows the films plot. Emmet is the main character, but there is nothing special about him. We’re not being offensive; that’s actually part of the story. Emmet is based on the old school style LEGO minifigs that the company first started designing decades ago. However, in the game and film, people come to believe that Emmet is more capable than he really is – that he’s a hero.

The game starts with Emmet going about his daily life as a construction worker. Everything in Lego The Movie is built out of Legos, and the characters in the game move around with the stilted, awkward motions of real life Lego figures.

In the town of Bricksburg, everything is supposed to look perfect and picturesque – like the perfect play sets that come from Lego, however the construction crew finds that one house looks like it wasn’t built to specifications; it looks like some creative soul failed to follow the instructions and built their dream house. Now the purple building has to be brought down. Emmet repairs a building instruction machine, which gives him instructions for building a useful tool This opens up a minigame that requires him to pick the right Lego pieces to build a wrecking crane.

Emmett continues his day and notices that a few workers are slacking off on a tea break, so he needs to fix the sites speakers and play some fun music in order to convince them to get back to work. This launches into a simple music dance game that has the player pushing buttons in time with music.

TT Games has done a great job making its Lego titles both fun and funny, and Lego The Movie looks full of silly but funny tasks and a variety of different characters with different abilities. As usual, the game features local drop in/drop out co-op, so players can join forces with a friend to complete each level.

Lego The Movie will help us discover if it’s okay to be original when it comes to PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, PC, Vita, and DS next February.

Read our hands on of the game from Comic Con.

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  • This looks... bricktacular!!
  • Well I thought the movie looked fun, and given Telltale's track record with Lego the game should be fine. I wonder if the game will include all of the characters shown in movie trailers.
  • No pictures of the purple building?? The best part of Lego is throwing the manual away and making whatever you want.

  • Why DS but no 3DS???
  • TT Games hasn't shown me anything convincing enough to get back into Lego games in a long time. I tried Lego City: Undercover with my brother, but couldn't find any reason to keep playing. I was obsessed with Lego Games when they were new; now everything about them feels rehashed—like a different means to the same end.

  • Finally, a Lego game where everything is actually made out of Legos.
  • DS, Vita, and Wii U, but not 3DS?

  • Woot woot new Lego game I love those games

  • "Lego The Movie will help us discover if it’s okay to be original when it comes to PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, PC, Vita, and DS next February" You sure it's on enough consoles?
  • I'm convinced that this'll go the way of all Lego properties: either people will love it or hate it. Having a triple A voice-cast and some great animations are nice, but like gameplay will make its movie-tie in title, story will decide how the film does. I'm hoping for a film that doesn't just rely on cheap cross-overs, but a cool cast of character I can count on. Then again, I'll probbly still see it anyway. Those darn plastic building blocks have always lured me in.
  • I hope this will bring some of that LEGO City Undercover magic to all the non-Wii U consoles.

    Also, I'm curious to see if TT Games figured out a way to get the animation to "jitter" - the CGI in the movie  blends in perfectly with the stop-motion animation. They got it to skip frames perfectly; it's just as jerky as actual stop-motion. It's a pain in the butt to do that with computer animation (since computers automatically in-between everything), but it's doable. Very few games have done so though - only ones I can think of are Wallace & Gromit in Project Zoo and Double Fine's Brazen. I wonder if TT Games did that for this?

  • i want to see the lego movie it looks funny