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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

This Is The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD's Lovely Box Art

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker has always been a beautiful game and the HD version looks to be no different. It's fitting then, that the game has great looking box art.

Nintendo announced this morning during its Nintendo Direct conference that the game will be coming in October to Wii U. Nintendo also offered details about this year's other Zelda game, A Link Between Worlds.

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  • Need monolith soft's title to release prior to a wii U purchase. Build it and they will come. AND SO WILL I!

  • Love it!  Really looking forward to playing this one again!

  • The first solid reason for me to buy a Wii U. However, I will not be buying this console until it is priced what I believe it is worth. I just hope the price (for the console) becomes reasonable for me sooner rather than later.
  • Dammit.... this may force me to get the WiiU.
  • Am I wrong for being slightly disappointed? I mean, they just did the all gold thing with Skyward Sword. and the color version of that picture is just so damn awesome. I mean, I'm getting the game anyways, but man. I hope they at least have an invertible cover, so I can get the color version.

  • Cool!  Wish I had a Wii U.

  • This game almost makes me want to get a Wii U, but I have a gamecube so it probably wouldn't be a good investment. (since I can get it for 10 dollars instead of 60.

  • Its bad enough they committed the ultimate betrayal making this game back then, do they really have to double troll by making a HD remake. REALLY? THIS Zelda gets an HD remake? *** you Nintendo. I'm sorry for anyone who had to witness that. But they truly deserve it. Or I've just had a rough day.
  • I KNEW it would be gold. Not that it is anything new, but I called it regardless.

    Aside from that, I was hoping it would be in color, just so it would be different from the original GC game. In fact, I was hoping it would be just like the GC version, but spruced up like this image, and made in color. This being said, this is still a gorgeous looking box art, and the best gold box art for a Zelda game atm. Although, I would have liked to seen the entire case in gold. If you are going to use mostly gold for the box art, then you should go all the way, at least for one Zelda game (besides the original TLoZ).

  • I don't like this cover, it's too busy. I'd rather see something that captures the serenity and freedom of exploration that the game's sailing embodies.

  • Is Link suppose to be gay? Not that there is anything wrong with that.
  • Sweet! Shiny HD version of the Wind waker. ^_^

  • The only reason I would get a Wii-U is the core franchises. I don't think the Wii-U will have much of a third party support, so until its under $200 I am not even considering it.

  • I really really like it.

  • Interesting box art. Not sure if I 100% like it.

  • OOOOOOOOOOOOoooo... when I do get around to buying this thatl be a nice addition to my collection...shiny.

  • The price of that is way too high for an HD remake.
  • I would contemplate getting a Wii U just for this game

  • Nice.

  • This is the only reason I want a Wii U.