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Wind Waker is Just Ok.

Not a strong game at all. I still own Wind Waker from when it came out on GC. I have played and beaten it several times over the years. All I can say is that it is just... an ok at best game. The game fails at being able to traverse the seas with any sort of interesting game play. I lost hours of life getting from one square to the next simply because it is slow going on the sea. Also, having to stop and change the wind if you over shot a target or got off course or have a new objective to go to is very tedious and gets old quick. Graphically, it is ok. The dungeons don't quite measure up to the series' usual quality. Outside of some nostalgic moments, this game doesn't really shine in any way. Personally, there are much better Zelda's and other games to spend your time on.

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  • I pretty much disagree with everything here. Wind Waker is my second favorite Zelda game (trailing shortly behind Twilight Princess).

  • Wait-you don't own this version, yet are commenting on the graphics being merely "okay" and complaining about the wind direction shifting...when there's now a sail that automatically does it for you at double the regular sailing speed?

    So you're obviously an idiot.

  • You sir...are a dumb f***! Reviewing a remake you haven't played because you couldn't get into the original is flat out stupid! Now take your hand, sprinkle some baby powder in it, and slap yourself!!!
  • I'm having a difficult time understanding the depth of your stupidity. So let me get this straight, your "review" isn't for the game in the article, but for the 10 year old version? Have you even played the game in which the article is about? I think I'll do the same, I'll post a review for GTA V and talk about GTA 3. You sir, are a moron.