So I suppose there's a story on this game for me. To start off I never even finished the original. Even with the expensive component cable I just couldn't get into the game. It was full screen and pixelated! Now, because the games in high definition, I gave it a better chance. The games fun and you should buy it. There, I said it.

Colors are redone and vibrant, the sounds aren't as muddled, and textures look so nice. Wind Waker really did stand the test of time when given the right facelift. There's just something about That grass when you walk through it and cut it that make you whisper, "cool" to yourself. Cleaned up and put under new lighting, the game's radiant with sunshine!

I really like the controls with the Gamepad as well. Saving is a nice touch button on at all time, and assigning stuff is much better too. Without the pesky analog corners that the Gamecube controller had, players can now realize real 360 degree movement. It's as tight as a belt on a pair of pants a size too small.