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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Nintendo Offers New Skyward Sword Trailer At Comic-Con

Nintendo released a new Skyward Sword trailer at Comic-Con today, and it's a mixture of new and familiar footage. You may have seen the bird-riding minigame they showed at E3, but this trailer gives us a first look at Gorons and a few other moments.

It's a sharp trailer that should help get you excited for the game's holiday release. Check it out below to see Link ride a giant ball over a lava pit, swing across vines, and slice up a three-headed baddie.

  • Oooh, new trailer!

  • Looks great! Finally, a use for that MotionPlus attachment...


  • SWEET!!!

  • Neat trailer. Is it just me or does links face look hella weird?
  • Replaying TP makes me leery of more motion control. I hate how imprecise it feels. And idk, I'm just not feeling it like I used to. It will get high marks, I'm sure, and I'll buy it anyway.
  • I be excited.

  • Very cool stuff. Can't wait to get my hands on it. I really want to know what the plots about.

  • I was looking forward to this game but not overly excited until I saw this trailer. This looks like it will be up there for GOTY, in what will be a tight race for GOTY.

  • The only Wii game that is worth getting over here in the US... How sad.
  • Dem Lips.

  • Wish I was there so I could play this.

  • this could be the best way nintendo can end the wii
  • Oh. I see they've gone with more cartoony graphics this time. Oh. (still looks like fun)
  • The way characters move through the environment is slightly off-putting... or I guess I should say more specifically, the way animations depicting speed are handled. The whirling sword swipes are so instantaneous, and the transition (or lack there of) from falling to "swinging" at 1:13 is another example... and again when leaping off the bird at 1:33, you see a very brief hunched over launching animation but it's so quick I hardly even noticed, then there's no sense of transition at all, like he's being sucked down by a vacuum rather than just freefalling... may as well have just had him drop through the model into the freefall pose, you know? Is this sort of stilted animation part of the charm?
  • well nintendo you win ill pick up a wii
  • SWEET!
  • I'm still gonna get it. Although, my personal thought is that they should go back and do something more along the lines of Majora's Mask for the next one. Arguably, you had more interaction with the world in that game than in any other Zelda game out there, it was very different from any other of their titles.
  • Is it me or does Link look girlier then usual.
  • Every trailer just gets me more stoked for this game. The only thing left to do is give it a release date and buy a Motion-Plus attachment.

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