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  • Blog Post: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Review

    Console Zelda titles aren’t a regular occurrence. It had been a long 5 years between the releases of Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, by the standards of a series such as Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed we would have received 4 or 5 new games in that amount of time. When it comes to... More
  • Blog Post: A Fountain of Great Joy

    Every now and then a game comes along that simply brings you utter joy. There are plenty of great games out there, some of which have complicated and intriguing gameplay while others deal with controversial story elements. And then, there are games that are majestic, adventurous, and just plain happy... More
  • Blog Post: Skyward Sword: Good but not the best

    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is by all means a good game. There are a couple of flaws it has however, which are what keep me from agreeing with Phil Kollar of Gameinformer. First off, it feels to short. Maybe it’s because I was coming off of my Skyrim high when I played it, but 32 hours didn’t... More
  • Blog Post: Better than the ocarina

    in one word, amazing. Skyward Sword delivers on everything I hoped and more. With stunning graphics, amazing swordplay, stamina meter, and weapon upgrade system. It surely is the best Wii game of 2011, if not the best Wii game ever. challenging fun puzzles, epic boss fights, and realistic exchanges with... More
  • Blog Post: A brief review on Skyward Sword

    I'm not good at long posts, so I'll keep it short: Skyward Sword is the best Legend of Zelda Game I have played in a long time. Everything from the music to the NPCs to the very blades of grass have been lovingly crafted for this amazing Wii title. Issues with the game are minimal, only a few... More
  • Blog Post: Skyward Bore

    One of the most anticipated games of 2011 is here at last as Nintendo writes another chapter into the Legend of Zelda Saga. A series that is defined by challenging puzzles, wonderful characters, exploring the beautiful land of Hyrule and it's many Dungeon while you are sucked into a world that has... More
  • Blog Post: The New Zelda

    I've been a hardcore Legend of Zelda fan since Ocarina of Time, and when the Collector's Edition came out on Gamecube I beat the first Zelda game and attempted the second. Skyward Sword innovates and pushes the series into a new direction yet at the same time stays true to the gameplay that has... More
  • Blog Post: My personal thoughts on Skyward Sword (Taken from my own review at IGN)

    As the title implies , this is just a review that I wrote at, where I have the username "fthagn". The whole review is quite personal rather than professional, and it´s not going to end in a perfect score. - Allright! I shall start out this review with a little disclaimer: I am... More
  • Blog Post: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

    Even though I had anticipated the game for more than a month, its delivered in just about every single way you can imagine. The story is amazing so far, and the graphics give this such a great atmosphere. The controls become instinct and the music is great. The amount of extra content in this game is... More
  • Blog Post: The Legend of Zelda Shoots Skyward Once Again

    Ever since the release of the Wii and it's motion controller, people still thought that games were better off just using a basic controller. Throughout the life of the Wii , a few notable games show up every once in a while that prove that motion controls are here to stay, and although Skyward Sword... More
  • Blog Post: There Exists a Legend... and That Legend Has a Prequel

    I remember the first time I played Ocarina of Time like it was yesterday. It was given to me as a gift for Christmas, and upon opening it and my N64 (we didn't have one at release), I immediately said thank you and ran like mad for my room, only to be submerged into a world unlike any I had experienced... More
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