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  • Blog Post: impressive... very impressive!!!

    Definitely a worthy successor. Graphics were top end (for the Wii) Music was great. Perfect for every area and battle (my personal favorite was the first dungeon's music) Gameplay was a fantastic new addition to the Zelda series. It cant be stated better than above. At first its difficult to take... More
  • Blog Post: review

    Very good game i recomend this game to hardcore gamers and noobs. I myself am inbetween because i am good at some games and bad at others. This is my first zelda review and my next one will be ocaraina of time 3d (when i finish it). I usually dont do reviews but my freind requested i review some zelda... More
  • Blog Post: A brief review on Skyward Sword

    I'm not good at long posts, so I'll keep it short: Skyward Sword is the best Legend of Zelda Game I have played in a long time. Everything from the music to the NPCs to the very blades of grass have been lovingly crafted for this amazing Wii title. Issues with the game are minimal, only a few... More
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