The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword is kind of an odd duck. Very rarely you get a game that wraps you around itself so much. I must admit, almost confess, that this game had me very nervous since it was revealed, even though I had all this excitement build up just because it was a new Zelda game. Also there was a little aspect of me worried about the 480p graphics.  But in my first play session with the game, all that fear just dissapeared. After my first playthrough, I came to realize that this was'nt just another Zelda game, its a work of art. Never I felt so attached to the characters in a game like I did whenever a cutscene was played. For the second time (being only preceded by Ocarina Of Time), I actually felt that the reason why Link is always muted was justified. I felt as if I was myself a character in the game. And I think I never felt so worried about what would be the fate of another character, our most beloved Zelda. What happens with this game is that every aspect of it is key to the whole picture that this game intends to create. Everything from the animation, the motion controlled gameplay, the characters, the story, the narrative, the music, everything plays its role to deliver one of the most fantastic experiences I've had with a game in my lifetime. 

On a final note, I would like to congratulate every person that lend its passion for videogames and this series in general for making one of the most memorable games that I have yet played. Rarely does a game makes you awe for its content instead of its technological prowess. And almost never makes you shed a tear because of the impact it has on you. 

This game, is greatness.