First of all, I play video games 24/7 and I get to know a few pretty well. But, I will never forget every second of Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. I love this game more then any other I've played in a long time.

You first begin waking up in your dorm room by  Zelda's bird spitting a letter at you. It turns out to be Zelda, telling you to meet her at the Goddess Statue. This is an important day in Skyloft, where a knight in training gets a step closer to becoming one, and whoever wins a bird challenge moves up a rank and does a traditional ceremony with Zelda pretending to be the Goddess. Groose, a bully of Link, gets into a fight with you over Zelda before the race begins, but turns out Zelda's there to see it and yells at Groose.

The beginning really gets you into the feeling of how this Zelda game has a little humor and relationship conflict in it. I find this to be an intriguing plot with Link having a crush on Zelda. It makes it feel more important to him to save Zelda then in the other Zelda games. I absolutely love this plot. I really got in zone with it and some parts I laugh, others I cry, its like reading a very emotional book.

Also, the game play is something original and new to the Zelda series. In this Zelda game you use the Wii Motion Plus remote which gives you the ability to do more things with it. Nintendo programmed it so you can roll pots through holes, move your sword any direction you want, and even control riding your bird. This makes it feel more fun and different when doing any action throughout the game and it never gets old.

The graphics are also very unique. They kept the more realistic Link but what is different is the backdrop. The backdrop looks like watercolor and gives you that fantasy world feeling wherever you are. Also, the Link in this game is a mix between toon and realistic Link. As realistic as he looks, you can tell that  Link is more colorful and rounded out then the Twilight Princess Link.

What is also unique is the references to Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. For instance, the shopkeeper on the boats in Wind Waker is in Skyward Sword, only he now works in Beedle's Airshop, where you can buy the type of items you want to save up for. And the reference with Twilight Princess is having Lanayru Province still a desert, the only difference is there are sink holes throughout it.

There are also some changes to the game controls. Have you ever kept rolling around to move quicker in Zelda? Well in Skyward Sword, when you are walking you can press the "A" button and do a Dash. You can now dash up walls, sprint, and, if a ledge is short enough, jump right over it. This gets rid of the feeling of being slow, but there is a catch, you have an "energy gauge" which tells you how long you can sprint. If you use up the energy gauge you'll walk REALLY slow and you can't do anything until it regains itself. You can stop dashing for about 3 seconds though and start sprinting again, so its not so bad. The energy gauge is also used when climbing vines and dashing up ladders. I think it gives it more of a real world idea to Zelda, because it makes since if you get tired after sprinting for a long time.

If I were you I would buy Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword as soon as possible. It has a great plot, controls, and game play so why wait when you can get the most amazing game in the world? Stop wasting time and get this game!!!