every time i pull out the claw shots or bow or watever i have to reconfigure the wii mote to center it by pressing down on the arrows. its just getting so aggrevating to play this game. i have to play it in shorter and shorter intervals, and i dispise FI she bugs the hell out of me. I'd rather have Navi over her in a heartbeat.

midna and navi atleast didnt repeat everything that was just said to you. "zelda has left to cleanse in the waters of the eldin mountain." DING!!! "I have a report to inform you of. there is a 85% chance zelda is no longer here and has gone to the eldin mountain." no s*%t sherlock! i just f*^%ing read that! "you have obtained the clawshots. you can use them to reach high places" DING!! "Link i have a new report. You have just gotten the clawshots you can use them to reach high places" DING!! "there is a 82% chance the room you just ran into will set your clothes on fire" REALLY!! i didnt know, i didnt just learn to do that on my own. I mean really for what age did miyamoto make this game for, it clearly wasnt for anyone beyond the age of 9.

bad guy puts his shield to the left, so i swing right. and what does the sensor bar read? thats right you guessed it, LEFT! I swing up to hit the lock, it reads right. in the middle of a battle i have to stop swinging at the big baddy trying to KILL ME to allow the stupid motion controls to read that im wanting to change directions on my swing. its not fluid at all. to pull out a item you hit B, to use the item you hit A, to put away item and change item B again. so when your fighting a boss and your just trying to land that last hit your a lil flustered, 4 hearts left, no potions no fairy youve brokin all the jars so you hit B then B again, or your unknowingly holding B down, and oh s*^t all of a sudden you have the bug net out...seriously!!?? why not use B to draw item and B again to use item and then A to put item away? why make it more difficult? i want to meet the man you thought of the controls, clearly it was one man cause otherwise others would have stopped his stupidity, and im going to b*^#h slap him so hard he'll be speaking english.

oh and the depth perception? rotflmao! theres no such thing in this game. i think im literally standing on top of a bug to catch it, and i swing my net to catch it, turns out i was like a foot away from it! your flying across the sky to one of the columns of light, and it feels like forever, not cause its big, but cause it feels like your never getting any closer. it stays the exact same size and distance till your literally flying by it and then you dive. you think the bubba is right on top of you and so you swing to kill it, turns out your a f*%$ing car length away from it, and it hits you. if miyamoto wanted players to do close combat fighting, then give us a knife not a sword, a sword has distance but obviously he needs to go back to history class, a sword is meant for distance dip s*^t.

I grant the game for having some aggravating yet thrilling boss fights, except it feels like sometimes I'm fighting the exact same one again and again. The story is finally something different, I loved Majora's Mask for changing it up, dont get me wrong the strories have never been the problem. Characters are flamboyant, and interesting. And I do love the feeling of pride and "H#ll yes, I gotchya you jerk!" feeling, but those feelings seem rare and far apart. Just felt like they tried too hard to make the motion controls work. But I stuck with it, no matter how angry i kept getting and finished the game. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to beat some crazy clowns into a bloody blob of goo with my bare hands :)