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Well, I've always loved The Legend of Zelda series, but this one didn't captivate me like previous titles. Have I been spoiled by HD graphics? Maybe. Have I been spoiled by challenging and intense game play? Probably. Nevertheless, as I was playing Skyward Sword I could not help to think of how Link really deserves better. Link deserves to be a legendary hero in a world as rich, intriguing, mysterious, and dangerous as the world in Dark Souls. Hyrule, Termina, Skyloft, etc. have so much potential, and could be absolutely awe inspiring if developed, but Nintendo really needs to step it up. I get that the lack of HD has put Nintendo at a disadvantage this generation, but there were so many other issues in Skyward Sword that I just can't give this game a great review (and I wanted to, like many reviewers). The unconvincing AI, the inability to skip conversations I had already had 10 times, the various aspects of game play and the UI that seemed completely unnecessary, the game breaking glitch.... Seriously, how many times does my sword need to remind me that my hearts are low? I've been playing games for over 20 years; I don't need you to tell me my hearts are low. Couldn't there have been an option to turn these annoying messages off? Let's not get into the controller issues. 4 AA batteries and 45 hours later, I've concluded that Nintendo spent years developing a game that delivers more of the same (though far less challenging that previous console Zelda games), with a misplaced emphasis on motion controls that work 90-95% of the time (not good enough). It's time that Zelda fans get something new and exciting, and its time for a Zelda that really wows core gamers. With so many incredible new franchises on other systems, Nintendo's got a lot of work to do.