The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword doesn't deserve to bear the name of one of the gaming industries greatest franchises. Nintendo is approaching the cheapness of Dragon Age II where it comes to content re-use, and the motion controls are way over used (and still not that great - swimming is abysmal, thrusting hardly ever works on the first try, flying is sloppy and boring...I could go on and on). Nintendo's boast about the "50-100 hours" length of this game becomes irritating once you play it considering how much of that time was artificially inflated to make it longer than it really was/needed to be with the amount of actual content the game offers. I can't believe GI gave it a 10. That's just fanboyism at its worst. The game deserved maybe a 7 at best - especially for a Zelda game. Personally, I'm giving it a 6.5.