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Honestly, i wasn't too syched about this game because most of them are the same. Save the princess and win her heart, woop dee dee. i say that you should never waste your time on this game.

  • did you even play it? shes not even a princess in the game for one im fine with you not liking the game but at least be factual.

  • I say that someone that hasn't played a game shouldn't review it. I have to agree with the guy above me, you need to be factual. Stop milking gameinformer for the 5 points that you don't deserve for this pathetic excuse of a review. I give your review a 0.25/10
  • I give this review a booooooo.

  • Is not the same. It's open world. Think

  • different storyline I really enjoyed the game and you sir don not sound like you played it.

  • youve never beaten a single zelda game. otherwise you would know how moronic your statement is.

  • Booooooo you! You probably have never even played Skyward Sword, actually, you probably have never played a Zelda game at all! You don't even have an excuse or a valid fact as to why this game "deserves" a 0.25/10! I give you a -10/10! Here's a tip, before you review a game you should actually play it! Don't write a "review" just to get 5 points from Gameinformer! Write a real review like mine or pretty much everybody else's review!

  • Wow, Really, were you born yerterday?

    Im going to overlook your off comment. If you hate it so much, why even review it?? At least play it first!