I'm not good at long posts, so I'll keep it short: Skyward Sword is the best Legend of Zelda Game I have played in a long time. Everything from the music to the NPCs to the very blades of grass have been lovingly crafted for this amazing Wii title. Issues with the game are minimal, only a few rough textures in the entire game can be found, only one mildly laggy part near the end (an entire legion of monsters attack you) and the occasional misalignment with the controller will interrupt the flow a little, but that's easily remedied. excepting the latter issue, Controls are very tight, and plenty of extra content will hold your attention for hours. Dungeon designs are fresh with a hint of familiar for the veteran Zelda players, and initially, the enemies are no pushovers (except for the Chuchus and Keese i guess). Plenty of throwbacks to older titles can be found in this game, andit even answers some of the oldest questions about the origins of Hyrule and its denizens. Easily the best Wii game to date, this game will not disappoint (unless you absolutely hate Nintendo and its franchises. If you do, then stop reading this; you have no business being here.) Another reason to get this game is Link's rival Groose, the doofy-haired comic relief that never fails to bust your gut wherever and whenever his brick-jawed mug shows up.