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skyward sword complant

my one complaint with the game is going to see the fire dragon, did they really have to take allllllll of links weapons, thts just not right


  • This comment is going to be longer than your "review." This is not a review. This is a comment that should be placed at the bottom of a well written review. I am sorry to be harsh, but I believe this comment box is here for a reason. I'm not going to bash what you said, but I am going to bash this "review." In summary, it isn't a review at all. It isn't even a sentence! I can see that you have only reviewed one game. If there is more of this to come, then lets keep it at one. Stick to the comments with the short stuff, and when you review a game, play it through, then write something that people would actually want to read. Now after reviewing your review, I must give it a rating. I gave one a 0.25/10 earlier and I didn't think that I was going to ever give my ultimate bad score. I weep for you. I give you a 0/10.