The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is an amazing game. The game is so fun while at the same time it is so hard. I loved the fighting in the game because the Wii MotionPlus made it feel more real than in Twilight Princess and I felt like I was in the game, swinging a sword (Wii Remote) to get to Zelda. I actually thought the Wii MotionPlus would fail in Skyward Sword because it failed in Wii Sports Resort and Flingsmash, but it turned out to make the game better.

When I started fighting enemies, I noticed that they were harder than they were in past Zelda games. For example, in Ocarina I can easily kill a Skultula but in Skyward Sword, i'd probably get two game overs before I kill a Skultula. I'm not complaining about the enemies being harder because that is a good thing.

The puzzles were easy in the beginning but as I progressed it got a lot harder. For example, I didn't know how to get past the two eyeballs (I got past one by doing random moves so I still didn't know how to destroy the eyes) so I gave up and watched how to do it on Nintendo Week.

The graphics were beautiful. It was a lot better than Twilight Princess's graphics, but sometimes when i'm looking at stuff (like when I use the beetle to explore) it gets blurry and hard to see what is there. It is not a major problem or anything, I actually really don't care about that. THIS ONLY OCCURS IN ONE SPOT, IT DOES NOT AFFECT GAMEPLAY.

When flying, the music reminded me of Super Mario Galaxy 2. The music was still great, but I don't know why it sounded like that to me. It only sounded like Super Mario Galaxy 2 when flying, when I was on land it sounded new and it sounded great.


The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is, in my opinion, the best Zelda game ever. This is a must have game that every Zelda fan, Nintendo fan, and gamer has got to get. There is nothing more that I can say about it other than it is just pure awesome and it obviously deserves a 10.

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