The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword. Link’s last adventure on the Wii, The Legend of Zelda series are of the best ones out there, but is Skyward Sword enough to live up to its name or does it fail with its motion controlled gameplay. Let’s find out in this spoiler free review:

Presentation 2/2

From start you know you are getting into an epic adventure, expecting the traditional Zelda game style, excellent designed dungeons, great and charming characters, incredible story, good storytelling, intuitive controls, and long-lasting memories. It’s safe to say Skyward Sword is among the best “The Legend of Zelda” games ever made.

Sound and Graphics 3/3

So we all know the Wii’s graphics aren’t the best ones out there, but Skyward Sword really looks nice. It has a graphic style that’s full of color and kind of cartoony with a realistic touch. The locations look beautiful, filled with beautiful sounds and music. From far away they do look like paintings, which was one of the main reasons of this art style.

All the places you are going to be visiting are very well designed, with many ways to go and many items to use when you come back (which adds replay value). The sound fits perfectly with the visuals. You’ll be hearing Link’s (if you wish to name him that way) typical “heeeeyahh” and “huut” when you do certain moves. There is no voice acting just text, but the dialogues are good combined with animations to represent their emotions and with the noises they make you really get to know what they are saying or what’s going through their minds.

The sound of the sword is nice, and the overall sound of the environments combined with the music gives a nice feeling. The music changes depending on your location, to concord with it. Skyward Sword is one of the Wii’s best looking game.

Story 2/2

In order to keep this as a spoiler free review, I’m just going to say the story is excellent, with great story telling, filled with great characters and dialogue, with nice, touching moments, it’s very cinematic at times, and with a very epic adventure feeling. You’ll care for the characters, and their actions throughout the whole game.

The story is gripping and the side stories are also nice. On an important note, this game is a prequel of Ocarina of Time.

Gameplay 1.5/2

This is one of the most important aspects of this game. We all know motion controllers aren’t the best thing, but Skyward Sword really uses them in a strategic way, and with the Motion Plus you really feel an upgrade from the normal Wii mote. It’s not as perfect as button smashing, but it is very accurate and intuitive. I had no real problems with the Motion Plus except that sometimes it didn’t respond the way it was supposed to and considering that many of the enemies or mini-games require you to be accurate, it did bothered me a little.

You’ll be using the movement of the controller in almost everything:

In battles you’ll need to swing it according to the position of your enemies’ weapon.

In flight you’ll need to tilt and wave the Wii mote to control your giant bird.

When sky-diving you’ll need to tilt your controller to aim where you want to land. (Yes, you can sky-dive)

And in many other ways the motion controller is implemented. The dungeons have been improved while still being true to its roots. You’ll have to use items in clever ways to discover how to advance in the dungeon and reach its final boss. It’s simple and entertaining but sometimes it will give you a “brain workout”, if you are not familiar with The Legend of Zelda series.

There’s also plenty of mini-games and side-quest that extend the games longevity, and will keep you entertained for a while. But the main reason of why are you going to come back, is to complete the game in its Hero Mode, which is essentially the same game but more difficult by adding certain aspects:

*Enemies will deal x2 damage and will not drop hearts upon defeat, forcing Link to rely on Potions and the occasional seat for healing.

*Hearts cannot be found in plants or pots.

*Bugs and Treasures carry over from your previous save file.

There’s plenty to do in Skyward Sword, and while some may have troubles adapting to its motion controlled gameplay, it’s fun nonetheless.

Replay value and Extras 1/1

There’s a good replay value, but not from the mini-games or side quests, but from the Hero Mode.

Still the campaign lasts about 35-50 hours considering on what you do, and if you try to collect everything and do everything, you’ll be playing this for a lot of time.


It’s going to keep you entertained with it excellent story, great characters, intuitive controls, and just the fact that we love The Legend of Zelda series. It’s obviously a must buy for the fans and I strongly recommend it for newcomers and every Wii owner. It may even be the last Wii game I’ll buy, but this game alone is the reason to have a Wii (or to remove the dust of it).

Final score of: 9.5/10----A must buy.








On a side note the bundle edition is worth it.