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Zelda Skyward sword

Love zelda, cant wait for it to come out!

  • Dont review a game you haven't played. It completely defeats the purpose and it doesnt help sway anyone one way or another. If your giddy about a game post your comments somewhere else, they are not wanted here!
  • Let me explain something to you...  

    I am a bigger Zelda fan than you are.  Period.  I've played every Zelda game several times through (except for the CD-i games, which I've been trying to get my hands on for a few years).  I have a giant triforce tattoo adorning my left arm.  I have every Zelda game I've ever purchased in it's orignal box, even if I don't have the system to play it on anymore.  I've had Skyward Sword pre-ordered for almost two years.  Most likely, there are only a small handful of people on Earth who are anticipating this game more than me.

    I still won't give this game any kind of score without having played it.  Definitely not a perfect score, because that's something that only an idiot would do.