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Link is back and better than ever

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on 3ds is simply powerful and legit. It pushes the gamer in all sorts of ways. There'll be parts where you'll smile and curse at how hard the puzzles and bosses can get. But nevertheless, this is a great game. Even after you beat the game there's a Master Quest mode that really will push the gamer to be on his or her heels.

This game is lenghty and pretty much legits.

Complaints: There is no Streetpass or Spotpass content at all. I really was upset at that. Also, the game's CGI scenes weren't that pretty but its whatever cuz the original Ocarina had the same graphics.

Anyway, get this game. I got a 3ds and this game surely is sweet on it.


*This is my 2nd review! Whoo hoo!

  • The Game is sweet and a pretty big graphical upgrade from the old 64 version. I really enjoyed playing it again on the 3DS. I have beat it at least 20 times back in the N64 days. I have not tested it on the 3DS version but on the 64 one there was a glitch were you could turn all of your items into a jar of fish. I did it on my buddies game. You go up to a fish with an empty jar and start to collect it. Right when he starts to scoop you pause and switch your equipped item. When you are done that item is now a jar of fish. He was pissed at first but then just started running up to the bad guys and dumping fish at their feet and then run away. It was pretty funny.