Sadly, I never had the opportunity to play the original version, but from what I played of the remake, Ocarina of time is probably in my top 3 best Zelda games ever made. The remake is as every bit as good as its original and I can't see any problems with it.

This is easily the best remake that exists, besides as good a game as is. Nintendo did a beautiful job remaking the graphics from the ground-up while retaining the same magical look that I've seen from the original in photos. The gameplay is as solid as any modern hand-held or console game today and can surely be recognized as setting the standard. The boss fights throughout are fairly good though the final boss is one of my favorites now. The dungeons are complex and challenging while still fun and the open-worlds are brilliantly measured in size and accessibility, all mixed together with one of the more refreshingly cool plots of any Zelda.

An easy A in my book.