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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has finally come back as one of the most anticipated games to release for the 3DS and the wait was worth it.  LoZ: OoT 3D boasts itself with updated graphics and 3D visuals.  The graphics are now smoother and more colorful making it look as if it belonged on the 3DS this whole time.  The 3D looks great in game but I had no dire feeling to keep it on.   

The classic music and sound make their return and are just as beautiful as before.

The double screens also play well in the game.  Instead of stopping to look at your map like in the N64 version you can simply look at the bottom screen to see your map.   Your hearts and magic bar are also located at the bottom so they are out of your way but clearly visible.   If you don't want to use X & Y to use items you can simply touch the item on the screen.

OoT 3D comes with a nice addition, Master Quest.  This is added only after you finish the original story.  Master Quest is a harder version of the original game.  Monsters do more damage and everything in the game is flipped so veterans of the classic game can come in with a new experience.   It's a nice addition if you want a harder difficulty, if not you can always play the game again on the original setting.

The only gripe I had with the game was the fact that it was portable.  The original N64 version was made to be a console game not a handheld.  Handheld games are handheld for a reason.  Most people play handhelds when they get a couple minutes in line or on a bus.  They will play a quick mini game or quest then close it and go on doing whatever they were doing.  With OoT you can be playing in a dungeon trying to find a locked door then close the game.  Later when you pick it up you forget what it was you were trying to do.  I could only play the game when I knew I was going to have an hour or two too play.

Overall OoT is a classic masterpiece that was brought back to life and is a must have for any 3DS owner.