I am very new to the Zelda series, having played my first entry, Twilight Princess, for the first time this summer. I have fallen in love with the characters, story, and dungeons that game presents, and so I decided to get the Zelda Edition 3DS with this game, often considered by many to be the greatest of all time.

It's hard for me to compare this remake to the original because I never actually played it, but I can say that I really loved nearly every minute of the 40 hours it took me to beat the game. While I did sell my soul to a walkthrough early on, that only helped me enjoy the game more. The gameplay, dungeons, music, and story were all very fun. I was also surprised when I beat the infamous Water Temple with very little difficulty (without using the Walthrough, no less).

As a remake, though, this game does everything it should, for the most part. The gyroscopic controls, while not necessary, are fun to use from time to time. The 3D effect is really engrossing and adds to the very beautiful graphics of the game, but it does cause some eye strain if used to frequently. Toward the end of my playthrough I almost constantly had the 3D entirely off as it helped me concentrate.

The circle pad feels meant to control Link, and almost works better than the Nunchuk's analog. Being able to map the buttons using the touch screen keeps things very user friendly, and having the Iron/Hover Boots as Items rather than gear is something I can imagine to be very helpful.

This all being said, this is still the same game it has always been, and for those that have played the adventure previously there isn't too much to draw you back. The Master Quest is almost too hard for its own good, and Boss Battle mode is fun but not a game maker. Ultimately, how much it's worth to see Link look a lot better will be a deciding factor for most fans.

This game is definitely fantastic and deserves all the praise it has received. As a remake, Ocarina of Time 3D does not disappoint and helps cater the all time classic to a new set of fans. One of those, of course, is myself.