A Link Between Worlds was perfect. The 2D screen was rather nice with the game's colorful graphics. And the open world was very good and has much too do in it. Ravio and the new weapon system was fresh and sweet. How it works is you go to your house and you can buy or rent the weapons whenever. This new system lets you get treasure chests in dudgeons without having to revisit them. The best part is the fresh dudgeons and boss fights. I found some of these bosses challenging and unique. The story places hundreds of years after A Link to the Past and they need the decedent of Link to save Hyrule with his new ability. He can turn into a picture and morph into walls. This ability makes the puzzles even harder then ever. You even have to use this ability to beat one of the bosses. A Link Between Worlds is the best Zelda game since Ocarina of Time. This game was truly perfect.